About Us

Hi, we are Exper Design and we wish to welcome you to our website.

If you are reading this, we have something in common – a love for the written word. We hope that some of the prints will find a lovely place in your home or your office as well as you may surprise somebody by sending them a gift.

With the Quotes Décor style, I tried to incorporate my two loves – writing and design.

I never forgot my first love – writing, and books as my best childhood friend. In the past few years, I also published two books and I am writing a new one whenever the inspiration comes. 

It is an obvious choice to start this website with the book quotes. The current choice will be updated regularly. The style reflects simplicity, but the inspiration is huge. There will be more of design work as well.

I welcome new writers with their own text of if you have your own favourite quote, please submit your request, with the preferred fonts, size and color.

I look forward to bringing your design dreams to life, and to share with you these moments.



Exper Design